August 27, 2016


Will current conservation responses save the Critically Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis?

This Short Communication appeared in Oryx 2015. It is jointly authored by Rasmus Gren Havmoller, Junaidi Payne, Widodo Ramono, Susie Ellis, K. Yoganand, Barney Long, Eric Dinerstein, A. Christy Williams, Rudi H. Putra, Jamal Gawi, Bibhab Kumar Talukdar and Neil Burgess. Abstract: The Critically Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis formerly ranged across Southeast Asia. Hunting […] Read more

Preventing the extinction of the Sumatran rhinoceros

This article which traces the decline of the Sumatran rhinoceros in Malaysia in the 20th century and considers the challenges of saving this highly endangered species was published in the 2013 Journal of Indonesian Natural History Vol 1 No 2. It is jointly authored by Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Junaidi Payne and Zainal Zahari Zainuddin. Sumatran […] Read more

July – Dec 2015 BRS Report available

You can access the  Borneo Rhino Sanctuary Six-monthly Report for the July – December 2015 period from the link provided. Visit this page to view all the reports. Please like & share: Read more

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World premiere of NatGeo Wild Documentary “Operation Sumatran Rhino: Mission Critical”

A race against time is ongoing in Malaysia. Conservationist’s are on a mission to save the country’s last remaining Sumatran Rhinos. But the only way to achieve this, is to capture all remaining individuals in the wild – a dangerous and costly operation. “Operation Sumatran Rhino: Mission Critical” is a new National Geographic Wild documentary […] Read more

The Sumatran rhino is extinct in the wild in Malaysia

Leading scientists and experts in the field of rhino conservation state in a new paper that it is safe to consider the Sumatran rhinoceros extinct in the wild in Malaysia. The survival of the Sumatran rhino now depends on the 100 or fewer remaining individuals in the wild in Indonesia and the nine rhinos in […] Read more

Can we save the Sumatran rhino? Indonesia holds out hope

Can a sanctuary in Indonesia keep the world’s most imperiled rhino from extinction? This article by Jeremy Hance appeared in Mongabay on June 19, 2015; visit the site to read the full article here: “One percent of the world’s population,” veterinarian Zulfi Arsan says as he nods towards Bina, a 714-kilogram (1,574-pound), 30-year-old female Sumatran […] Read more

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Female Rhino successfully translocated to Tabin

Images of the female rhino found in Danum Valley and her successful translocation to Tabin Wildlife Reserve where she will join the two other rhinos in residence there. Iman-Rescue-2 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 4 Iman in her jungle boma in the forest of Danum Valley Please like & share: Read more

Puntung in Pictures

Some photos of the exciting capture and translocation of Puntung the isolated female rhino to sanctuary where it is hoped she will find a ready mate. Read more

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