August 3, 2015


puntung enclosure

Jan – June 2015 BRS Report now available

The latest Report from the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary Programme for the Jan – June 2015 period is now available. You can access the  Borneo Rhino Sanctuary Six-monthly Report at the following links. Jan – June 2015 (English Version) Jan – Jun 2015 (BM version) Visit this page to view all the reports. Please like & […] Read more


For the kids: Tam Tam My Friend

FF the Fly explains the Sabah Rhino Project wildlife conservation programme in a way kids can understand. Deep in the rainforest, FF becomes friends with Tam Tam, one the last Sabah Rhinos. After that, he flies to Berlin and learns how and why Tam Tam and the other members of his species are to be […] Read more

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A young Andatu enjoys a mud bath. Photo courtesy of the IRF

Can we save the Sumatran rhino? Indonesia holds out hope

Can a sanctuary in Indonesia keep the world’s most imperiled rhino from extinction? This article by Jeremy Hance appeared in Mongabay on June 19, 2015; visit the site to read the full article here: “One percent of the world’s population,” veterinarian Zulfi Arsan says as he nods towards Bina, a 714-kilogram (1,574-pound), 30-year-old female Sumatran […] Read more

SumatranRhino bfm

The Near Extinction of the Sumatran Rhino – BFM podcast

One of the most endangered animal species anywhere in the world, the existence of the Sumatran rhinoceros is still critical. John Payne, the Executive Director of the Bornean Rhino Alliance (BORA), recently gave an interview at BFM to highlight what needs to be done to prevent the first extinction of a mammal species in Malaysia […] Read more

Sumatran rhinos are hunted as their horns are sought for folk remedies.

Saving rhinos: Our fatal blunders

By Tan Cheng Li, The Star, 2 June 2014 Mistakes of the past have cost us many rhinos. Now’s the time to learn from the errors. Between 1984 and 1995, a total of 22 Sumatran rhinos were captured in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah for a captive breeding project. Except for one which was already pregnant […] Read more

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Female Rhino successfully translocated to Tabin

Images of the female rhino found in Danum Valley and her successful translocation to Tabin Wildlife Reserve where she will join the two other rhinos in residence there. Iman-Rescue-2 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 4 Iman in her jungle boma in the forest of Danum Valley Please like & share: Read more

Puntung 1 Puntung one day after capture, in a temporary stockade prior to airlift

Puntung in Pictures

Some photos of the exciting capture and translocation of Puntung the isolated female rhino to sanctuary where it is hoped she will find a ready mate. Read more

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